Race Briefing


 Ashington Sprint Triathlon 2018

Race Brief and timings.

Sunday 6th May

4pm – 6pm      Registration will open in the upstairs library at the leisure centre.

Monday 7th May

6am         Carparks open at Arch developments, Age Concern.

Registration open, studio 1 ground floor in leisure centre.

Transition open for racking of bikes. Competitors only in transition.

6.45am    Race briefing in front of Transition.

7.05am    First swimmers expected at pool side.

7.10am    Transition will close.

7.15am    Race starts. All timing mats will be live. If spectating please stay away from timing mats as this will record you at that stage.

11.00am  Presentation.


British Triathlon appointed referee for this event is – Gary Hall

The event is a 400m Pool swim, 24K bike ride, 5K run with electronic chip timing with full split times, held under BTF rules.

Timing chip

All competitors will on registration receive a timing chip, please hand your timing chip to the finish marshals before you leave the finish area. Any chip not returned will incur a £10 charge by Results Base; it is your responsibility to hand in your Timing Chip in.

The Swim

  • 16 lengths pool swim.
  • Please make sure you are on poolside and ready to swim 10 min`s before your start time to receive a short briefing. If you miss your start time we may not be able to fit you in
  • You will enter and exit at the deep end, there is a small shelf in the wall to assist with balance.
  • It is up to you to count your lengths, but the lane marshal will put a kickboard in the water to inform you that you have 2 lengths left to swim. If you miscount, the marshal will request you to complete your swim.
  • Swimming etiquette. Should you catch the competitor in front of you tap them on the ankle and only if the lane ahead is clear overtake if not wait until the end of that length to pass. If you feel your ankles being tapped by a following competitor swim a straight line to the wall, wait and allow the faster swimmer to pass. Wait up to 5 seconds to allow the swimmer to get away otherwise you will catch them and result in slowing both of you down. Please note if overtaking the lane ahead must be clear. Time penalties will be awarded for not allowing faster swimmers to pass and interfering with another swimmer.
  • Exit the pool and centre via main entrance, take care as floor will be slippy and wet
  • There’s a short run down the footpath to transition – this has been swept clean but take care for any debris
  • Take care when moving to transition, watch for cyclists leaving transition and members of the public entering the leisure Centre

Transition Area

  • Transition will close at 07.10 am and not re-open until the last bike is in off the course
  • Your helmet must be securely fastened before unracking your bike.
  • You must rack your bike before unfastening your helmet.
  • Only race wear can be placed in transition and one small soft bag.
  • No marking of the transition area is allowed and will be removed.
  • Race numbers must be worn before exiting the transition area and visible from the rear on the bike and front on the run.
  • Relay members must swap their timing chip in the designated area next to baggage area. Remember the helmet must stay with the bike when racked and put on before un racking and not taken off until bike racked.
  • There are experienced marshals in the transition area, there to help. Please listen to them and follow their instructions.
  • The bike mount and dismount area will be clearly marked and marshals will be there to keep you right. Mount after the line and dismount before the line
  • At the end of your race you must show your race numbers to the transition marshals before any kit is removed from the area.

The Bike

  • The bike course is two separate loops, loope 1 taking in the infamous Bothal Bank. You then return up the Pegswood straight to the Mining Archer roundabout where you then turn right at the roundabout into Pegswood. So to confirm you will see the Mining Archer twice and on the second occasion you turn right. It is your responsibility to know the course. Just past the chip shop you will turn right towards Longhirst. At the ‘T’ junction right into Longhirst at the junction of the B1337. You will then be turning almost immediately right at the war memorial towards Longhirst Colliery. You will cross the East Coast Main Line (Please pay attention to the notes below), then left at the next T junction. You will follow this road which does wind round but you will not leave this road. You will cross a disused railway crossing near Linton straight on to the roundabout of the A1068/A189. You turn right at this roundabout and head back towards Ashington. You will turn left at the Junction with the A197, there is a short filter lane here but you must be aware of traffic coming from the right. You will then return to the Leisure Centre.
  • All turns are marshalled so don’t turn anywhere of the roiad unless there is a marshall.
  • All competitors must obey the Highway Code at all times.
  • The course is fully marshalled/signed and locations indicated on the map.

Road Safety

The course has 7 roundabouts and 5 T junctions. Competitors should exercise best caution and please take care; it is better for both your safety and for the races’ future that you sacrifice a few seconds rather than risk your own safety and that of others and possible prosecution. There are light controlled and zebra crossings which will be marshalled, should you breach the lights or not stop for a pedestrian you will be disqualified.

East Coast Main Line Crossing Longhirst Colliery – There are likely to be 6/7 trains passing during the duration of the bike leg where the barriers will descend. You must stop if the warning lights are flashing, even if the barriers have not started to descend. We have two very experienced triathlete marshals at this point. Please listen to instructions from the marshals if the warning red lights are flashing when you approach. We are operating a full stop and both feet down policy.

You must enter the box shown on the below picture slowly and safely and come to a full stop and place both feet on the ground. You may choose to dismount if you wish. Should you get held up by a train, your number will be recorded and the time you have been delayed and your overall time adjusted. Do not in any circumstances try to cross after the warning lights start to flash, this will result in instant disqualification.

We also have a marshal position at the junction just after the crossing if you have transgressed you will be advised by this marshal that your race is over. It’s not worth it, if you get held up look at it as if you will get a rest and a chance to refuel.


Be very careful when returning to the leisure centre. It’s a right turn off the main road. This will be carefully marshalled but you must take best caution.

Note – drafting will not be tolerated. Experienced motorcycle referees and marshals will be posted around the course as static draft busters and will pass all numbers and information on to the race referee.

See the drafting rules diagram on the notice board in registration for clarification.

  • It is up to you (the competitors) to know the bike course; all maps have been on view in the event pack, but the course is fully marked with signage.so you should not get lost!
  • You all need to carry out your own ongoing risk assessments as you ride. Please be vigilant. At all times.
  • At the bottom of the long descent into Bothal village there is a 90 degree left turn – please take notice of the marshal on this corner and slow down.

The Run

The run is 2 laps clockwise route around the footpaths of the Ashington Community Woods. You will be funnelled left on entry to the woods, to avoid incoming finishing competitors.

  • Numbers clearly visible to the front.
  • Please be aware of any pedestrians on the footpath as it is a public area.
  • The run course has been inspected this morning and again it’s generally fine. This is a non-paved route, there may be hollows and dips in the surface please beware.

General Assessment and safety

  • It is up to all competitors to do their own ongoing Risk Assessment throughout the event, if you see anything that you consider a Risk, let the nearest marshal know immediately.
  • No iPods’ or in ear music is allowed to be used on the bike or run.


Full medical cover is available at the finish line and transition area they are ready to respond to any incident on the race route before, during and after the event.

You must write any medical info on reverse of number, medic team will check before performing any assistance. This is your responsibility.



Presentation will be weather permitting at the at the entrance to the Leisure Centre at around 1100 – 1120hrs. Don’t forget to get your print off of your race times from the Resultsbase van

Food and drink is available in the leisure centre cafeteria.

General Behaviour commitment

We have a number of young racers taking part. They and their parent / guardians have signed notification forms about behaviour and conduct at races. We feel as competitors of all ages we too must heed these requirements.

All individuals have a responsibility to act with integrity, in accordance with the standards set by British Triathlon. Any discriminatory, offensive and violent behaviour is unacceptable and complaints will be acted upon under the procedures of our Safeguarding and Protecting Children Policy.

Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the race and further disciplinary action being taken against the individual by the permitting Home Nation Association or British Triathlon.

Please consider your behaviour as an accompanying adult, spectator or team mate.  Shouts of ‘encouragement’ can become a little ‘animated’ when watching your children / friend.  Do them a favour, take a step back and let them get on with their race on their own.  It would be awful if they were to be disqualified because of your actions.