Bike Route

A map of the bike route can be seen below and will be available on the notice boards at registration, or use the following link to see it using google maps here

The bike course consists of 1 loops followed by an out-and-back section. The course is fully signed and marshalled at locations indicated on the map but it is the responsibility of competitors to know the route and to count their own laps.

If you have a later start time and want to recce the route in advance, please do so before the start of the race.

Safety Advice:

  • Competitors must obey the Highway Code at all times.
  • All cyclists’ numbers should be clearly visible and worn to the rear
  • The bike course will be inspected on the morning of the race and any areas of concern will be highlighted at the race briefing and by marshals on the route, but you are on a public highway and should carry out your own ongoing risk assessments as you ride. Please be vigilant at all times.
  • At the bottom of the long descent into Bothal village there is a 90 degree left turn – please take notice of the marshal on this corner and slow down.
  • The course has 6 roundabouts going in and out of Ashington. Competitors should exercise best caution and please take care; it is better for both your safety and for the races’ future that you sacrifice a few seconds rather than risk your own safety and that of others. We have the full co-operation of the local authorities and would like to retain their goodwill for the benefit of future years.
  • Be very careful when returning to the leisure centre. It’s a right turn off the main road. This will be carefully marshaled but you must take best caution.
  • Drafting will not be tolerated. Experienced marshals will be posted around the course as static draft busters, as well as motorcycle marshals, and will pass all numbers and information on to the race referee.