Political Expediency [Mikala Ash] ebook

Political Expediency
Auteur Mikala Ash
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Politics is a dog eat dog business, particularly when werewolves are involved.When the Australian Prime Minister's wife goes to the press accusing Serena Plim and her husband, Kelvin Waters, of having an affair, Serena flees both the press and the man she's loved for a decade, but never touched. In the wilds of Australia's cattle country she seeks refuge in the arms of Jack Wolfe, who offers her sanctuary -- and more. But Kelvin's not a man to be left behind, and Serena's not the only one who's wished their relationship could go farther.It's not natural for two alphas to share the same female, let alone in the same bed. Jack and Kelvin can't stand one another, and the two hunks are only a claw's width away from ripping out each other's throats. Serena's trying to avert bloodshed while learning how to live in her new wolfen skin. And as if that's not enough, the full moon is approaching and the quickening is taking hold.And then there's the politics. Caught between Australia's political elite and the Wolfen Council, Serena's only hope is that the wolfen's ancient enemies, the vampires, will come to her aid. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance...